naturally simple

WELCOME to this blog !!!

I am naturally simple. I am not a writer , nor a public figure but I am natural and ordinary someone who loves to discover and learn.

I would like to share to you the things I discover about Beauty and Health. I am very passionate about this topic .  I got involved my self in one of the privately owned stable Health and Wellness company which the lines of products are exclusive that we cannot find in the big stores or over the counter stores.  I will show you these in the next blogs and pages.

Stay beautiful as you!







Men and Women , how we define beauty ???

For me, being beautiful is not just the appearance. Beauty is everything. Even flowers, the nature has its own beauty . Human beings has its own beauty. We often hear the sayings,

” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

What I see beautiful might be ugly for you and might be beautiful for others.

but being healthy is different.  Nobody is perfect, but someone for sure is in perfect condition . If I say, I am in perfect condition today, I feel very healthy, so I would like to do my gym today after work because I am in condition to do action .

I define Healthy is I am at my best.

Whatever color of your skin. Does not matter, look at the photo, I met her while working in the movies.  For me, she is so beautiful.




My friend , I worked with her in some movies


Beauty for me, is when you are at your best.