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WELCOME to this blog !!!

I am naturally simple. I am not a writer , nor a public figure but I am natural and ordinary someone who loves to discover and learn.

I would like to share to you the things I discover about Beauty and Health. I am very passionate about this topic .  I got involved my self in one of the privately owned stable Health and Wellness company which the lines of products are exclusive that we cannot find in the big stores or over the counter stores.  I will show you these in the next blogs and pages.

Stay beautiful as you!






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Men and Women , how we define beauty ???

For me, being beautiful is not just the appearance. Beauty is everything. Even flowers, the nature has its own beauty . Human beings has its own beauty. We often hear the sayings,

” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

What I see beautiful might be ugly for you and might be beautiful for others.

but being healthy is different.  Nobody is perfect, but someone for sure is in perfect condition . If I say, I am in perfect condition today, I feel very healthy, so I would like to do my gym today after work because I am in condition to do action .

I define Healthy is I am at my best.

When I feel good about myself, I feel beautiful, and I look beautiful when I got more sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, surely until the late afternoon to evening, , feeling good is there.

When I look at the mirror,  seeing some grey hair, some fine lines or wrinkles! well, its not so visible at my early 50’s which according to my memory, my life was very hard and not easy. I was exposed to sun for many years almost everyday. Did a lot of physical hard work , I should have a difficult skin these days. But not at all.

I define my beauty of who I am now and what makes me feeling good.

Let me tell you few of my life story.

When I work as a publicity model at my late 40’s and work as an extra in the movies part time. I met all sorts of people. all sizes, all colors, different ethnicity working as “figuration” .  Before my first contract , I thought, I would see and meet so many beautiful faces or beautiful people. I was wrong when I started, to be in the movies, it doesn’t need a beautiful face or perfect skin or height or figure.  they need all kinds of people. But When you have beautiful face, unique and special, you will most likely have more contracts.  It gave me ideas and understanding more about beauty and personality.

I had some acquaintances and got very few friends. Now they are nowhere.  One girl I met who became friend of mine is from Cameron.  I described her beautiful. SHe is tall, beautiful features. Her lips, eyes are expressive and she have a slender body perfect for a models for clothes. Months after we worked together with one movie, she asked me if I got some more other contracts. I said, yes, I  did, in the clothing industry , got a quick contract to model a pajama for mid age women., and the pay was good. Then I referred her to one of my other agency. After a year I heard   that she never got contract for publicity or even extra in the movies, so she did not renew her agency membership.  I then realized, it is not in the face or the beauty to get hired. It is something else.  I got one trial to fit clothes to model . A brand common to middle age women. when I have tried the clothes, my agency told me, I should look older. My looks was laveled to women ages 30 to 35. I said , OK, what will I do. She said, should not color my hair. And should be in size 14. I was size 9 that time.  So I did not passed the trial, because in my file she saw I my age, but when the modelling clothes lines  did not need young looking women like me.  I was amazed. I learned something. I should be looking older the way my age was. And It is hard to compete with the ages ranges 30 to 35 , mostly they are really stunning and that time I was in my 49th age.. this is just an example how people judge us on our looks.

That was when I took the job in publicity model, just one of the contract I got, modelling pajama. I was not at my best during the time , I feel I gain so much weight and got so dark and tanned my skin naturally after I got back from Caribbean.




My friend , I worked with her in some movies



Anyway it was a nice experience. And I realized I have many options, but I did not continue working with that industry. I stopped for the reason , I have other things to do with my time. So that’s my friend I met in working as EXTRA in the movies. She is natural and beautiful.